Thursday, August 28, 2008

Refunds, Rebates and Hassles

Today I gathered up all of the items that have been needing to be returned to the stores that I purchased them at. I don't know why but I dislike having to stand in line and return items. I like the cash back, but not the hassle and time it takes. Remember I have to take my two little sweet cheeks in and out of their car seats each time, not to mention having to keep the two also preoccupied, happy and the occasional diaper change.

So after making my returns at Fred Meyers, Walmart, Bi-mart, and Fashion Bug I had about $96.00 in cash. That is always nice. Then my next stop was to Costco to redeem my 2% check back of annual purchases. That was $86.00 plus returned an item for $20.00 So I had a little over $200.00 in cash to spend.

So how should I spend it? Well I could have spent it on clothes or something for the house but no that wasn't needed. So I used the cash to help stock my pantry and freezer for the winter. I bought several big family size packages of meat at Costco and will divide them in separate freezer bags in the morning and a bought couple of cases of diapers for my sweet cheeks and they went in the garage on the shelves in my stockpile. At Walmart I picked up some sale items that would come handy later. I also stopped at a local farm in town and purchased two cases of fresh picked peaches and gravenstein apples, Yummo. They too will be heading to the freezer once they are prepared and sliced. Oh, I forgot to mention that I picked up a free pizza at Costco while I was there. I received the pizza coupon when I referred my Dad in June. Dinner was done, no cooking no mess to clean up, Yippee!

One of the hassles happened after making my Walmart returns and purchasing my groceries. As I was leaving I happened to notice that I was overcharged on a few items. Nine items actually. Stovetop Stuffing was .68 cents a box so I bought six boxes thinking ahead for Thanksgiving etc.. since my local store in town charges almost $3 a box. Well I was charged $1.68 a box. Then I bought three packages of OM natural turkey and ham at $2.50 each, but was charged $2.98 each. So I had to wait in line again at the customer service desk and get another refund of $7.44 I guess I'll have to watch my items being rang up better or at least make sure that I check my receipts closer. Not bad for a few hours of returns. I guess it was worth the hassle.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Practice your priorities

Each day presents many opportunities and challenges to practice our priorities. One way to simplify your moment-by-moment decision making might be to assign your priorities.

#1 God
#2 Your Husband
#3 Your Children
#4 Your Home
#5 Your spiritual growth
#6 Your ministry activities
#7 Other activities

Source: Author: Elizabeth George, "A Woman After God's Own Heart"

In the beginning....

A homemaking blog was born. Welcome to Inspired Living where you will read about my journey in making and managing our home, so that my family can lead a more balanced life. I am inspired by being the best wife and mother I can be to my family. God has blessed me with an amazing husband to share my life with and three beautiful children to raise and nurture.

I have been praying about the changes and paths in my life that God has been leading me through. I am listening to the Lord and I need to help support my husband in more areas of our home. Our home needs to be better organized and run more efficiently. Homemaking is not just a job or a duty it is a job to embrace and it is my mission that the Lord has given to me. Being obedient and raising my family in honor of Christ is a worthy purpose.

Our Heavenly Father wants us to share and encourage one another. So, if you find a good idea here that inspires you please pass it along and share about what inspires you too.

And so... my homemaking journey begins...