Friday, November 21, 2008

A big bowl of comfort

Ahh!!! Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. I just love making soups, stoups and stews. Whether it is a classic like chicken noodle, tomato or potato soup, or a hearty beef stew or a comforting bowl of navy bean soup over fried potatoes and onions.... or a new recipe like Reuben Soup or Cacciatore Stoup. There is nothing like a steaming bowl of pure comfort to take the chill off and add warmth to your soul.

When I make a soup or stew I make it in the largest pot I have and sometimes I make it in two pots. I ladle the leftovers into two cup containers and freeze them. They are quick and easy meals to thaw and reheat for lunch or dinner. They make great gifts too! I have brought them to a sick friend and have given them to other families in need of a meal. I have even donated a few containers of soup to one of our church bake sales and they were auctioned off. The recipients begged for the recipe.

This is a bowl of my homemade Vegetable Beef soup that has eleven vegetables in it. It is incredibly delicious. I also make a couple dozen Potato Rolls to soak up that wonderful broth. I'll post the recipes soon for you to enjoy. What is your favorite bowl of soup?

Be Inspired to warm your families heart and belly's with a big bowl of comfort.


NEW FAMILY said...

With in the last couple of days I have been making a chicken vegitable soup that I really like, however I love the soup that you have pictured above. This weather sure does make it nice to have a hearty soup for lunch or dinner. I am looking for a good cream of chicken and or Brocoli chedder soup recipe.

Amanda said...

I love homemade chicken noodle with homemade noodles. Happiness in a bowl! YUMMY!

This time of year is so wonderful for soups and stews. I love it!!!

Your soup sounds delish. I would love the recipe!

are the rolls easy? I'm intimidated by making breads. therefore, I never do it.