Friday, November 14, 2008

Tip of the Week

Tomato Paste in a tube is my fave this week in the kitchen. Have you ever had a recipe calling for tomato paste and you only need a teaspoon or a Tablespoon? You buy it in a small can and end up throwing it away because you don't have another reason to use it right away or it goes funky in the fridge.

Well, I've seen the Celebrity Chefs use this and Rachael Ray uses it all of the time. You can get it at your local gourmet grocer or even at Walmart. It is "Double Concentrated" and so you end up using less. Once open you store it in the fridge and can use it for many uses. I use it in soups, broths, pasta dishes, sauces etc... I like that it is an item that prevents me from wasting food and can serve multi purposes in one little tube.


Angela said...

Oh wow... I've never seen such a thing! How cool is that? Thanks for sharing!!

KrazyKathyP said...

I use the tube tomato paste in my tortilla soup. I found it by accident one day while shopping at Winco.
Oh By the way.....
Happy Birthday Angie!