Tuesday, April 5, 2011


He is back!!! Jamie Oliver's FOOD REVOLUTION takes on the City of Los Angeles. It airs on ABC, Tuesday April 12th. I am super excited to see and learn more about wholesome food vs. the processed, sugary and unhealthy garbage that is being served to our children in schools and in fast food restaurants. The last Food Revolution show inspired me to open my pantry and freezer and start eliminating processed foods and donate them to a local food pantry and also ditch some in my own garbage can as well.

We plan on having our teenage son watch the new FOOD REVOLUTION and find out what changes he is willing to make. He also complains that at his middle school when he used to get his school lunch that the fruits and vegetables were wiped out and they didn't offer any to the students that were at the middle or the end of the lunch line. There wasn't enough fresh produce served to accommodate the kids. He'd come home from school hungry.

So... out of curiosity, what do you think about your children's' school lunch program?

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