Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Glass Re-used

Here is the ginormous glass re-used for Fall Decor.

Aromatic and beautiful in the room.

My mantel with a touch of Fall and all things I love.

This is the ginormous glass that I received the homemade cocoa in for my birthday. I wanted to find a way to reuse it and change it every season. For Fall I decided to put a fragrant vanilla candle in it and added coffee beans around it for a rich color. The two aromas together were wonderful. Vanilla Latte anyone?

I placed it on my fireplace mantel with my fall foliage. I have to say it compliments the mantel very well. I am now in the middle of taking Fall down and putting up Christmas. I will post a mantel picture later in the month and display my decor and you'll have to wait and see what I do with the ginormous glass again.
Be Inspired to Reduce, Re-Use or Recycle.


Star Char said...

Good way to reuse that mongo glass! I can smell the candle and coffee beans now... Can't wait to see your Christmas decor. You have a natural ability!

Amanda said...

That is a great idea! you can also use whole cloves. that makes it smell yummy too!