Friday, December 12, 2008

Good Job Dad!

These are two gifts that my Dad got me last year, one for my birthday and the other for Christmas. I have to say, that he did a good job picking out these gifts. He usually has some corny ideas or I end up having to return and exchange them. But he really put some thought into these and knows that I love to cook.
I have used both of these cook books and have brought some new recipes into our home. We love a big simmering pot of soup in the Fall and Winter. The Deceptively Delicious book is written by Jerry Seinfeld's Wife, Jessica. It is really cool to sneak healthy veggies into meals, if you have a picky eater.


NEW FAMILY said...

I have grown to just love cookbooks. I love to look through them and get new ideas. I think that your dad did a great job!

Nikki said...

Sounds like The Deceptively Delicious cookbook is a good book. I will have to look into getting it and try some of the recipes. Taylor is extremely picky when it comes to eating veggies. Only thing I can get her to eat is raw carrots!... Have you used the cookbook much?

Nikki said...

What recipes have you tried so far from the Deceptively Delicious cookbook? Any the kids like best?