Sunday, January 25, 2009

Plan C

We all have those days where we get so busy or we have forgotten to take something out to thaw for Dinner. Then you have to go to plan B which might be having to go to the store, go out to eat or it's soup and sandwiches for dinner. I have plan C on hand, and it sure comes in handy.
About every four months I brown up ten or twelve pounds of hamburger and/or ground turkey and season with Garlic Salt, Lawry's Seasoning and Parsley. Just enough to give it some taste. Then I drain beef in a mesh strainer. Let cool and package into Ziploc quart size bags, which is about a pound each. They stack flat in the freezer and are nice to have on hand.
In a pinch I grab a package from the freezer and thaw in the microwave in a matter of two minutes. I can throw it into some spaghetti sauce, or into a soup or casserole, or add some taco seasoning and have tacos or nachos. This really helps on those nights that you don't want to be in the kitchen very long and want to spend it with your family instead. It is my way of saving a step by being prepared in advance.


Ginger said...

wow this is the best tip i think i have ever read. makes me feel kind of silly i didnt think of it hahahaha

does the meat taste good after freezing it?

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

I love that tip. I do something really similar. On a scrapbooking forum someone told me she always boils her ground beef (and/or turkey). That way when you drain the water the fat all goes with it. I thought it sounded strange but tried it..... Now I do about 1/2 beef and 1/2 turkey, boil and drain it and then season and do just what you do (sometimes you have to break it up a little but it works really great and doesnt take much time at all--and you dont have to keep stirring it)

Angie said...

The meat tastes great. I not only like it for the taste, but also I only dirty one pan, one time and not 10 or 12 times.