Sunday, October 5, 2008

Last Day of Farmer's Market

Well our local Farmer's Market has ended its season. Whaaa!!! This is my last Farmer's market find until next Summer. I am gonna miss the fresh fruit and veggies. Here are some baby lettuces that make wonderful salads. Some organic spinach that went into chunky baby food. Spinach Apple sauce is a hit around our home (Dr. Seuss would be proud). Some more heirloom tomatoes that are just tasty and a loaf of "Stars and Spice" bread from Julie the Bread girl. She named this type of bread after a friend of hers whose last name is Star. It had wonderful Fall spices and currants in it. Yummo!

Good Bye Farmer's Market! Until next year we will meet again or shall I say eat again.

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