Monday, October 6, 2008

Menu Plan Results

Well my last weeks was my first time at Menu planning and I found that it was well organized and kept me on track each day. It was also a big savings to my normal out of control grocery budget. What budget? I didn't have a budget.

Menu planning made me look into my fridge, freezer and pantry and choose meals that could be made with what I had on hand. No running to the store for a couple of items and then coming back with 15 more unintended items. No purchasing food because it sounded good that day or at the moment.

The only grocery items that I purchased this week were:

Milk - 4 gallons
Farm Fresh Eggs - 2 dozen
Sour Cream - 3 lb container
Corn Tortillas
Salad Greens
Soda Pop - 4 two-liters (for our weekend guests)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - (Dan's birthday)

My budget was $100.00 for groceries for my family of five. I spent about $25.00 this week. Soda and Ice Cream were party items and are not normal purchases or items we have on hand. I was more frugal knowing that the money saved will be vacation and Christmas spending money.

It also helps buying in bulk on some items, to be able to make more meals and recipes from them and helps save money. I am coupon clipping and that will benefit our family and grocery budget too.

My husband brought home four bags of whole grain sub sandwich buns (FREE), also known as sample bread, from his work. Sample breads are new recipes for loaves of bread, rolls, buns etc.. that are being baked to perfect their recipes before going out into the markets and restaurants. I plan on using some of them this next week for lunches and for Philly cheese steaks for one of our dinners. When he brings home an abundance of sample bread we also try and bless other families too. Free is a very good price and helps cut costs down too.

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Amanda said...

How do you determine how much you can spend on groceries? That is my problem. I write a menu, but I don't know how to determine a budget. Any suggestions?