Sunday, September 7, 2008

Coffee Gathering - Part 2

So let me tell you about the frenzy that took place on Friday at our first Coffee Gathering this Fall. Well... while we were all talking about recipes and freezing food for winter. I opened my freezer and showed the girls my frozen pie filling that I had made the night before. A Gravenstein Apple and a Fresh Peach. When they saw them they were amazed. All you have to do is set it into a pie crust and bake. I told them what inspired me to do it (I had watched it on the Food Network Channel with Alton Brown on Good Eats). Searching online I found another recipe for Fresh Peach by Paula Deen, who is another one of my favorite cooking chefs on the F.N. Then I looked at the back of my box of Instant Tapioca pudding mix and found similar recipes for more types of fruit pies. So far I have 6 apple, 3 peach and 5 blackberry in the freezer.

Well by that afternoon I had three of the women run to a local farms fruit stand in Creswell and purchase fruit. One of them even had apple trees and blackberries on her property so she made them dirt cheap. A few of them even mentioned it to more women in our church and what we all had been up to. My pastor's wife told me this morning when I arrived at church that she had heard all the hubbub about my pie filling and homemaking inspirations that I had started. It has been a lot of fun spreading inspirations and seeing how much fun we all are having.

The Recipe, how to steps and rating will follow after I make my first homemade pie crust and bake a pie tonight.

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NEW FAMILY said...

Inspired living...what a great name for this blog. That is exactly what you are doing. Angie, you inspire me every time I see or talk to you. You have wonderful ideas and I am so glad that you are willing to share. We all need women in our lives like you! You make our day to day, "homemaking" more enjoyable. Thanks for all the tips.

So far I have one, blackberry, one blueberry/blackberry, and 2 apple pie fillings in my freezer. In addition our family has gotten to enjoy 2 homemade apple pies. The kids love it. All I had to say was, you go pick me the apples and I will make a pie. Alot of hands went up in the air offering to go pick the apples!