Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homemade Baby Food

Homemade baby food is so easy to make and less expensive for your budget. This happens to be pears that I did one day a few months ago. Now, since my little sweet cheek is 9 months old, I am combining veggies with protein like chicken and turkey and adding brown rice. I love these trays with lids so I can stack them in the freezer. You can use a hand held immersion blender, the magic bullet or a baby food mill to puree to the consistency that you need for your sweet cheeks.

When the baby food is frozen solid I just pop them out of the trays and put them in Ziploc bags and label them. It is really simple to do and I know how fresh and nutritious the food is. I have to confess, I do have organic baby food in jars on hand when we are traveling for convenience.
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Nikki said...

Good idea! I was planning on doing homemade baby food also (well when the time comes)! Where did you get your magic bullet? I need to get something like that.

Angie said...

I got mine at Walmart. However they also have them at costco. They might be cheaper.

Amanda said...

I'm really into making homemade baby food. my favorite website is they have a TON of recipes!

I also use ice cube trays. They work great! I use the kidco electric food processor. works great!