Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grocery Budget and Menu Planning

This week I officially started my Menu Planning. I want to restrict myself on my grocery budget since, we spend way too much. I am scared to really know the dollar amount. In my budget I am allowing $100 a week for my family of five. My goal is to spend as little of that $100 a week as I can and whatever I don't spend on groceries I get to put that money into our vacation fund for December. We plan to go to Leavenworth, Washington for their Christmas Festival, German style.

Since I have been stocking up my pantry, my freezer and my stockpile in the garage, I probably will only need to purchase perishables like milk, eggs, fresh produce and some bread, etc. I have been canning, drying sliced fruits, and preparing quick fix freezer meals. It has been a lot of work in the kitchen and little sleep some nights but it sure will pay off this Winter. With the economy the way it has been heading I feel that this Winter and possibly Spring will be quite tight on the budget. I have been preparing for this for some time and hope that I have acquired enough of the necessities as we will need. I may sound like a squirrel stockpiling for Winter, but I would rather be prepared for any hurdle that may head our way.

I plan on getting back to homemade food from scratch and not store bought/commercially made if at all possible. I will start baking some of our bread, making my own pie crusts, pizza dough, granola bars etc.. I intend on being more frugal in other areas in our home and budget too. Menu planning will help keep me on track and help simplify my budget, meals and inspire me to think before I purchase.

I hope that you are inspired too, to think ahead for Winter and Spring and get your home, pantry and freezer stocked.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I am SUCH a huge fan of menu planning. :)

Amanda said...

I came across your blog today and I was actually thinking of making a meal plan for longer than a week. i am getting lazy about making dinners. thank you for your ideas!!!!

Where do you get your recipes from?

Angie said...

Amanda, I am a foodie and I've been told by friends that I have an incredible taste palette. I'm not sure of that but I do enjoy cooking, entertaining and of course eating.

I have acuired most of my recipes over the years from being in the kitchen and I have had my share of disasters. I also get recipes from my family and friends. You know when you try something and you just got to have the recipe.

I try to find recipes that my family enjoys and I love to entertain with food and like to please my family or a crowd too with great tasting dishes.

I have the Food Network channel on just about daily. Inspiring cooks and chefs have helped educate me to become a foodie. I enjoy Recipes and Tips from Paula Deen, Alton Brown, Rachael Ray etc.. I like learning about new foods that I haven't tried before or combinations of items or techniques that I try master. I do enjoy finding recipes in Taste of Home and On-line. I am inspired more when there are pictures or visual step by step how to's.

I plan on launching a recipe co-op exchange blog/site this Fall. Be on the lookout for more inspiring recipes.