Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tip of the Day

I bought one of those corn cutter fandangle things from my local Bi-mart and I tried to cut the first ear of corn and I just about threw it across the room. It didn't work and it was a bit dangerous to use. So I researched online how to cut corn off of the cob (the easiest way) and this is what I found and tried it. I got out my bundt pan and the sharpest knife I had and placed the ear of corn in the flute and started cutting. It worked wonderfully and the majority of the corn fell inside the pan. However my corn was very juicy and it squirted all over my wall, tile and kitchen aid mixer. Note to self... put up flour sack towels over kitchen gear before cutting next time.


Angela said...

Oh my gosh... what a fabulous tip! Thank you!! A couple weeks ago I helped my sis-in-law blanch and cut corn to freeze. It was a mess, but we did it all outside on her patio. She had one of those corn cutters and yeah, they ARE dangerous! We both kept cutting skin off our fingers. Ouch, and who wants blood in their corn? I love this idea, and I appreciate you sharing it. I'm telling my sis-in-law about it!! Thanks for putting my blog on your link list. I feel honored!!

April said...

Thanks so much for the tip. It was so much easier to cut. Who would of thought?!!

Jeni said...

I have an electric knife that really works well too...now with the bundt pan, corn will be a breeze! Thanks for the tip!